Year 1st place 2nd place 3rd place Place, Nation  Results
2017 Turkey Great Britain Germany Tenerife, Spain  Results ECMWA 2017
2015 Great Britain Turkey Germany Worcester, Great Britain Results ECMA 2015
2013 Great Britain Turkey Spain Frankfurt, Germany Results ECMA 2013
2011 Great Britain Germany Spain Nazareth, Israel Results ECMA 2011
2009 Italy Turkey Great Britain Adana, Turkey  
2007 Sweden Great Britain Germany Wetzlar, Germany  
2005 Italy Great Britain Sweden Paris, France  
2003 Italy The Netherlands Great Brtitain Sassari & Porto Torres, Italy  
2001 France The Netherlands Germany Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
1999 France Germany The Netherlands Roermond, The Netherlands  
1997 France Great Britain Finland Madrid,Spain  
1995 Great Britain Spain The Netherlands Paris, France  
1993 The Netherlands Great Britain France Berlin, Germany  
1991 France The Netherlands Great Britain El Ferrol, Spain  
1989 France The Netherlands Germany  Charleville-Mezieres, France  
1987 France The Netherlands Belgium Lorient, France  
1982 France Israel Sweden  Falun, Sweden  
1981 Israel France The Netherlands Geneva, Switzerland  
1978 Israel France The Netherlands  Kerpape, France  
1977 Israel The Netherlands France  Raalte,The Netherlands  
1974 Great Britain The Netherlands France Kerpape, France  
1971 Great Britain France The Netherlands Kerpape France  
1970 Belgium France Great Britain Brugge, Belgium